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The donations of time and expertise have been vital to the continued success of the Centre’s programs. While there are a limited number of opportunities to participate directly in the Preschool Program, there is a great need for volunteers to assist with fundraising and advisory committees. As well, we often have special projects just waiting for the right volunteer(s). If you have skills and interests you would like to share, please contact the Centre at (306) 757-3744 or at info@earlylearning.ca and we will do our best to match your interests with our needs.

The Centre also provides numerous opportunities for students to do volunteer and/or work experiences. In the past, Education students, Early Childhood Education students, Social Work students, Nursing students and students connected to the ARTS CARES program have all spent time at the Centre. The Board and staff of the Early Learning Centre wish to express their sincere appreciation for the volunteer support we continue to receive from so many areas of the community.

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"Canada is not currently working for all generations. There is a silent generational crisis occurring in homes across the country, one we neglect because Canadians are stuck in stale debates... Families with young children face greater economic challenges today than they did thirty years ago. In relative terms household income in this demographic has stagnated while, housing prices have sky rocketed across the country. At the same time, as more and more women enter the workforce, families are facing greater time constraints and stress. It is time for us to seriously think about the type of policy change that is necessary to create a Canada where all children have the opportunity to grow up in healthy families and reach their full potential. – Dr. Paul Kershaw, Human Early Learning Partnership, University of British Columbia

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