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The Preschool program is built upon child-centred and culturally sensitive principles. It uses a structured play approach to foster holistic development and to build foundations for language and learning skills. The Preschool has an open door policy and welcomes family participation. As well as the classroom program, a number of parent-child events and home visits are offered. Regular parent-teacher potluck meetings provide opportunities to share a meal in a social setting and to take part in topics of interest.

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"Words cannot describe what my son has gained from the ELC.  I learn something new every day from him and I am assuming that is a reflection of the unique approaches the teachers take to teaching."

"My children love the centre. They really enjoy all of the outings like fieldtrips and swimming.  I am unable to take them to many of the places they go, I am very grateful to the centre for giving my children these learning experiences."


Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn best when they are actively engaged in planning, following through and reflecting on their activities in a stimulating and supportive environment. Important aspects of the curriculum are daily routine, stories, music, conversations, problem-solving and opportunities to make choices.

Learning materials such as sand, water, paint and clay are critical elements in an effective early childhood learning environment as they promotes scientific awareness and a respect for nature. Parents are encouraged to share their hobbies and work skills with the children in the classroom.

Other program components include:

  • The services of a Speech and Language consultant.
  • A structured, weekly music program offered by a Music Therapist in addition to daily musical activities.
  • Exposure to multicultural activities such as music, language, dance and food.
  • A daily well-balanced nutritious snack.
  • A health program.
  • A transportation program.
  • Transition to Kindergarten.
Enrollment is 96 children

"What I've noticed and admired about the children at the Early Learning Centre is that after being immersed in the program they develop a sense of ownership and authority over their environment."

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