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"The First Years Last Forever"

The Regina Early Learning Centre supports the healthy development of young children by providing a range of education and support services for young children and their families.  These programs help create brighter futures for children, families and our community as a whole.

The Centre was created to work in partnership with low-income families to enable their children to achieve their full potential.  This partnership with parents is central: parents are involved in a variety of meaningful ways.  These include governance, home visits, an open door policy and programming for parents.


"In all actions concerning children, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration."

— Article 3, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Since opening in 1977, the Centre has earned a solid reputation for the quality of its programs.  We have received local, national and international recognition (see what the OECD has to say).  Central to this success is the Centre’s emphasis on ensuring all our programs are strength based, culturally sensitive, reflective of the values of our families and firmly rooted in evidence based early childhood and family support practice.

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"We also saw the teachers encouraging the children to take initiatives and to collaborate with each other. The children were not cosseted, but given genuine freedom to choose. Through dialogue with their teachers, these choices are then transformed into purposeful activities."from the OECD Report on Early Childhood Education in Canada

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