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Collaboration, dignity, respect – these are the core elements that guide the Early Learning Centre. In the time since Anne Luke opened the doors to the centre in 1977, we have grown by leaps and bounds while still adhering to these fundamental ideas. At the Regina Early Learning Centre, we use a strength-based model that truly begins with the members of our communities.

Parents are our partners and the first teachers of the children in our communities. By respecting families, listening to their voices and acknowledging their inherent strengths, the Centre has created a program which actively involves parents in their children’s early development and education, connects the child’s home and school life, and provides parents with opportunities to better fulfill their role.


“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” — Confucius

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Far from being mere words on a page, our philosophy translates into creative solutions to problems in our communities. For example, knowing that transportation can be an issue for families, the Regina Early Learning Centre decided to pick up and drop off each child attending the preschool. In the beginning, the teachers at the Centre often took on this role; as we grew, we were able to lease vans and hire drivers who immediately became a valuable asset to the Centre. In the last few years, thanks to generous donors, we have been able to buy vans.

Kids on the ELC bus  

"I always hear my daughter repeating the safety rules the driver told her. She is a very considerate driver with a courteous friendly manner. My child loves her."

We know it takes a whole community to raise a child, and all parents, staff, and volunteers at the Regina Early Learning Centre are equally valued in working together towards our goal of creating the healthiest learning environment for our children possible.

"The collaborative approach is empowering, creates a community where everyone has a role, something to offer. Each is recognized as equally important and feels vital to the ELC community, whether they are administration, drivers or others."

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