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Central to the ELC’s success is our emphasis on respectful relationships. This means striving to ensure that all relationships – between staff, with parents, children, and the broader community – are respectful. Respect goes beyond politeness and courtesy. At a deeper level it involves taking the time to recognize the strength and potential of each individual. It also means taking time to understand the unique experiences and perspectives of each person; in colloquial terms “to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes”.

ELC Newsletter ~ Winter 2021

In a play-based, child-centred curriculum, children light up with enthusiasm as they explore the world around them, engage in imaginative play, experiment with a wide range of materials and take the time to express themselves through language, music and art.

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"Parents often make comments which reflect the quality of relationships with our staff. They talk about feeling respected and able to trust their home visitor. As they gain child development information and related skills, through home visitors and group programs, they talk about their amazement at how much they enjoy reading to their child, how they are more able to enter into their child’s play or how simple behavior management techniques have worked. We believe these are the types of outcomes which lead to brighter futures for children, families and our community."
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