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The Early Learning Centre was incorporated as a registered charity in the spring of 1978. The original group of parent volunteers formed the first Board of Directors and the Centre has continued to operate with a parent/community board. Over the years, the Centre’s parent board has clearly demonstrated its ability to guide and oversee the Centre.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director have access to a wide range of expert advice through both a Finance and an Advisory Committee. These committees are composed of members of the community with an interest in the Centre’s mission, and expertise they are willing to share. However, in both cases, decision-making authority rests with the Board of Directors.

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"We were so impressed and amazed by so much around the ELC... their dedication and commitment, just the respect and the high esteem that they held the children and their families in... They're modeling good early childhood development policy and programming, it's not just something on a piece of paper, they're culturally affirming and all the rest of it."

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